Scott MacButch

Scott MacButch

These images are primarily taken in the Northern Rockies, Desert Southwest, Western Canada and Alaska.

Like many good nature photographers, what I strive to do is replicate the image that I saw through my view finder at the moment that I pressed the shutter button. Some images may have been cropped, slight adjustments made to color, saturation and contrast but other than removing dust spots on the digital sensor that is about it.

I don't believe in baiting animals, and you will never see any images of captive animals here - the fire still burns fiercely in their eyes.

I feel honored to share this blue planet with the dudes.

My short take on trapping: In this day and age trapping, and the related pain and suffering it causes is inhumane. For instance, in Montana trappers are not required to check their traps within any specific period of time, nor do they need to put up signs to warn the public. It is well documented, that many animals caught in snare traps, suffer for hours and even chew off their own leg to get free. Dogs, endangered species and other non-target animals are injured or killed in traps every year.

On the Idaho Fish & Game web site it mentions that trapping is part of our heritage. My answer is that enslaving fellow human beings was once part of our heritage and culture. That dosen't make it right and we need stop this cruel an inhumane hobby.

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